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Earthquake Retrofit
We provide the best modification service of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion or soil failure due to earthquakes.
Seismic retrofitting is now required in some Bay Area cities, we provide the necessary services for you to be in compliance with local requirements.
General Contracting
We'll execute any construction and repair project regardless of its size or budget, always using the same standards of quality and workmanship.
From a deck to a complete structure will do it all.
Foundation Services
Whether you need foundation building or repair, earthquake retrofitting or structural rehabilitation, we are the best option.
With over 10 years in foundation repair and construction experience your project quality is guaranteed.
From technical design and construction drafting to construction coordination, we can take care of all to ensure your project viability.
Rough Framing
To guarantee the strength and stability of an structure a good framing becomes crucial, this important part can be done by our team using the best materials and following the best construction practices.

structural services

Retaining Walls
These walls are used to separate two masses of soil, so that they can be at different levels. Retaining walls serves to prevent soil from sloping and flowing down the slopes.
Soft Story Retrofit
Soft Story Structures are built on first stories with more than 80% open area on one first-story wall, or more than 50% open area on two adjacent first story walls. Many cities in bay area have decided that soft story structures must be retrofitted.
Brace and Bolt
We'll upgraded the existing anchor bolts in your property. These bolts anchor the wooden structure to its concrete foundation and bracing cripple walls to prevent the house from collapsing in the case of an earthquake.
Foundation Underpinning
This is necessary when the foundation is not complying with current codes, large/deep. Underpinning occurs by enlarging the structure concrete foundation. The enlarged foundation provides more concrete to support the structure in a stronger and safer way.
Foundation Repair
Many older homes have cracked foundations. By repairing
these foundations homeowners can add great deal of earthquake resilience to their home structure
Brick Foundation Replacement
Many properties were built on a brick foundation. We repair or replace it if necessary according to Engineering assessments.


Rest assured, all services we provide will be performed with our best effort and great quality.

We take safety seriously and our track record proves it. We promote a clean and safe workplace.
We take pride in building sustainable and treating the environment with respect.
We're known for our workplace culture and promoting from within. People are our main asset.